R&D Center

The company has strong technology development platform specially set up municipal-level research and development center, which has a group of skilled R & D team of experts now owns the patent for utility model 7, the State Torch Program 1, were 9 city-level project of new products items.

According to the company's overall development plan, the implementation of R & D center of each year the project research, planning, approval and project work; the Finance Ministry under the R & D investment accounting system for products according to the project to regulate the operation of financial standards; and establish cooperation with other institutions to carry out production and research cooperation projects, and conduct specialized training courses and special new product development researchers in Germany and domestic well-known candy manufacturers such as R & D activities carried out technical exchanges. In addition, R & D center in order to ensure the normal and effective operation, development of an effective management system and evaluation research and development center incentive system and intellectual property management system, so that research work responsibilities, rights and interests of every level has created a very skillful, business excellent management first-class R & D team.